martes, julio 21, 2009

Tónal 2009

“Infectious, propulsive, unselfconscious” Mojo

“If you see them on a bill near you, it would be one of your better ideas to get yourself a ticket” Clash

“Frankly, so sumptuous” London Lite

“The Dodos - winning praise from tastemakers” Music Week

“A unique live proposition - Incendiary stuff” NME

“Bewitching” Q

“Freak folk and otherworldliness” The Fly

“[Visiter] blew us away” The Sun

“Inventive, shape shifting and hard to pin down” Rhythm

Soirée à Emporter #2 - Dodos [05/2008] from Nathanaël Le Scouarnec on Vimeo.

3 comentarios:

Este festival es el q es en primavera, no?

Primaveral total.

Por aqui The Dodos ha colgado su nuevo disco para echarlo una escuchada